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A time-waster extraordinarie







Castiel and his wings <3

this is marvelous


Misha actually said he takes Cas’s wings into consideration whenever he’s acting.

I know it’s so cool how he does that. If you watch the episodes you can see where he would have incorporated them  had we been able to see them :)

I could not love this more

oh my gosh the cuteness *u*



throughout life you get warned about drugs and alcohol but no one warns you about falling in love with famous people

or fictional characters


“«The new songs are based on my experiences in love - said Molko - that are not always started with the infatuation and the euphoria preceding falling in love. Of course I also felt this way, but sometimes you fall in love with someone who does not even know your existence, or who simply do not reciprocate and you do not even find attractive … all this breaks your heart. Often the lack of love can be “noisy” … like an echo in a cave, the sound of silence or of your own breath. We sing platonic love, lust, obsession, desire, unruliness. Nothing is as it seems. »
Brian Molko”



wow yay so it’s not just me whose entertainment will cost her an eternity on a fork :D


there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

Are you a writer ?


Mostly I’m a should be writing more-er.

ha, love this. it’s how i feel most of the time :D 


Do you ever just hate someone bc they remind you of yourself

no, i usually love them if they remind me of myself and then i go cry in the corner because i am no longer that person i used to be and which they remind me of. 

i’m complicated, yes, and i’m getting a worse person every day


throughout life you get warned about drugs and alcohol but no one warns you about falling in love with famous people

huh look a winchester nipple :D

Sometimes i get worried i write too much dialogue but there is not much to write as description.. idk. Any advice you could give?


Straight dialogue is the best way to drag anyone directly into the middle of a scene. Without description, it’s up to the reader to subconsciously create a backdrop for the conversation. As long as you stay in character, then readers soak up everything that they’re ‘listening’ to.

Avoid ‘descriptive dialogue’. The characters are talking to each other, not the reader. The reader becomes an audience member. Imagine that as you’re writing, your characters are speaking aloud. If you don’t think that the words fit from your character’s mouth, don’t have them say it.

The beauty of pure dialogue is that you can make the reader keep guessing. Details become slowly revealed and there’s a greater scope for interpretation. Plus, dialogue-only sections are more of a challenge and serve to improve your writing altogether.

Don’t worry about description too much. It’s much easier to add description later. Leave the dialogue-only scene for a while and then go back to it. Are there actions between lines that need to be shown to readers? Why is the description important? What does it add to your scene?

In longer pieces, description serves as scene-setting and a push along through the story. It’s all balance. It always depends on the story and your individual characters. Listen to where they take you, and, as with every piece of writing advice, make sure that you read around your preferred genre to pick up good habits from other writers. Don’t second-guess yourself. A lot of writing is instinct, and as you practice, you’ll improve and naturally begin to understand where the description and dialogue balance should stand in your own work.

this is really good advice, Helen, thank you! :3


Captain America:The Winter Soldier,Sebastian Stan .Chris Evans。Bucky Barnes ,Steve Rogers(from)

now i don’t ship them but this is a really really lovely picture <3

“v. retromandibularis is a disgustingly complicated little whore of a vein”


me after spending 3 hours to figure out where and how does that thing go and what it joins with.

turns out my uni is incapable to write into its studying material that that whore of a vein actually divides again and forms common facial vein with one branch and external jugular with the other. HOW hard would it be for those stupid professors to write this down in our superxepensive, badly-written anatomy studying material?? 

triple fuck motherfucking shit! i was wrong again! dammit! can’t these people decide whose version is the corecto one???? goddamit crapof a fuck of a….grrrrhhhhh!


if anyone draws me anything ever

  • im going to stare at it
  • im going to grin like an idiot
  • i dont care if you think its bad or not
  • i love it
  • i love you




cat doesn’t want to get out of nice warm bath [x]

The towel on the head is what kills me forever, too precious.

The little meow in the fourth one.