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A time-waster extraordinarie

it’s vanilla ice cream and raspberries. i decided to quite giving a fuck about healthy, low-caloric food for 15 minutes and enjoy this 


Did they ever reveal how Captain America was thawed? Because I’m picturing a bunch of Shield agents with hair dryers and I don’t think that’s quite right.

*feelings gurgle, cough out blood and then die in a pool of blood*



It’s like he catches you looking at him

But instead of thinking you’re creepy

He stares back

Oh wait this is what it’s like to be Cas




imagine reading a book with the name of all the guys that ever had a crush on you

why would i want a book with blank pages in it

you’d need it to fill those pages up with your awesomeness and fabulousness and not give a fuck about those guys who didn’t develop a crush on you. 

Jensen Ackles | Days of our Lives

*cries blood* he looks just like my .. well he’s not mine per se but he is the guy i think is the most perfect human being alive. and jensen in this pic looks just like him…except the face ofc.


my dog is getting scared of the storm so he’s hiding in the cat basket







That awkward moment when your brother finally agrees to wear those hot stilettos you bought him and you realise that he’s now six-foot-eight and you need to find a crate to stand on if you want to fuck him against the wall the way you promised.

/Dean Winchester problems


That awkward moment when you grab your brother’s crotch and he screams at you to get off, but even after an hour, a slideshow and an internet presentation, you still don’t care that your brother’s not into guys, never mind the whole incest thing.

/Soulless Sam Winchester problems

now this one is really a gem


erm, apart from taking your computer to the computer store and asking for help i could only advise putting some food around your computer screen and hoping the damn bug wil smell it and come out to munch it :B why did it have to go there anyway -.-

it seems now that the little bug(ger) has gone and left the building. I haven’t seen it in a couple of hours anymore and I sure hope it doesn’t show up again.

frankly though, it did have its humorous side. just imagine me watching Spaced with a plate of macaroni on my lap and touching Nick Frost’s face on the screen with a horrified expression for several minutes

that’s good news! well maybe it just enjoys attention so much it bothers to crawl into people’s screens just to watch them get upset in the middle of tv-series + lunch. :D i’m glad you didn’t spill your macaroni all over your lap tho, because that’s one thing i’d very likely do, if i were in such situation. maybe that’s why the bug called it a day and went away… it probably went to look for people like me who’d inevitably smear food all over the computer ^^ 


had my feels and eyes and more or less everything mauled by some outstanding supernatural fanart by natira. now i’m 35682% done with people who draw like god marinated them in the talent-juice, as well as with  jensen ackles and his suerperfect face. hear me? i’m immensely, completely, totally done.


i just wanted to take a close look because one can’t judge unless one has studied the thing a bit and then i slipped and last thing i know, i’m on a ship, wawing bye to the shore

#need ▷




Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it.

"I’m only wearing black until they invent something darker."

"what are you wearing?"


Zaphod’s attention however was elsewhere. His…

it was about time anyway to start wearing something else other than black >:D